Senate bill aims to ease fear of genetic testing
Physician shortage? Push is on for more medical students
Health spending outpaces economy
New Medicare demo project focuses on chronic health care
News in brief - March 14, 2005
Nurse-midwives push for more Medicare pay
Faculty of one
Supreme Court, lawmakers take on assisted suicide
Wisconsin Supreme Court to hear tort reform challenge
U.S. study outlines efforts to boost equal care
Recertification process being addressed
Program targets senior emergency care
Surgeons to set quality standards
News in brief - March 14, 2005
Good Samaritan law shields California doctor from liability
Infotech tipping point? (HIMSS meeting)
Disability insurance
Physician networks offer incentives to spur EMR use
Joint EMR project targets practices nationwide
News in brief - March 14, 2005
CareFirst announces it will absorb Maryland's HMO tax
Hospital system brings practices back to campus
Hospital groups join legal battle for tax exemption
Helping make hospitals safer
Letters to the Editor - March 14, 2005
HHS asks doctors to watch for human trafficking
FDA ponders future for Cox-2 drugs
Benefits of aspirin are not always taken to heart
Studies show path to tailored asthma prescribing
News in brief - March 14, 2005