News in brief - July 4, 2005
States fired-up on tort reform, cool on $250,000 cap
Quality advocates back computer orders, despite flaws
It takes a community
Proposal would credit doctors for Medicare savings
Liability line should be profitable in 2006
AMA unveils brand marketing campaign
Complaint cites Georgia doctors who took part in executions
Payment cuts can threaten patient safety
News in brief - July 4, 2005
Examine the basis of your ethical values
Regulators get doctors' view of plan issues
Creating a culture
Watch wording in nondisclosure pacts
News in brief - July 4, 2005
Letters to the Editor - July 4, 2005
Competitive path to better care
Heeding the privileges of the profession
Gearing up for a graying America (AGS annual scientific meeting)
Primary care practice-based research comes of age
News in brief - July 4, 2005