News in brief - Oct. 10, 2005
CMS takes baby step toward national network
Global look at tort struggles offers glimpse of reform options
Database helps get meds to evacuees
Tort reform ballot initiatives face off in Washington state
Abortion law raises question of murder charges
Peer review under fire
Texas podiatrists win case to expand scope of practice
Illinois Blues accused of downcoding
Federal law aims more money at curbing prescription drug diversion
10 specialties that are most in demand
Lawsuit accuses hospital of overworking doctor
President's bioethics panel gets new leadership, direction
News in brief - Oct. 10, 2005
Hurricane not likely to blow more EMRs into doctor offices
EMRs for sale
Disasters open door to scam artists posing as charities
News in brief - Oct. 10, 2005
Don't settle for an incomplete document
Scrushy civil lawsuit to go to mediator, not jury
Letters to the Editor - Oct. 10, 2005
Lessons from ethics' darkest days
Don't physicians deserve a little pedestal?
European hypertension study favors newer treatments
Marked increase shown in adult ADHD drug treatment
FDA approval is recommended for inhaled insulin, combo drug
News in brief - Oct. 10, 2005
Medical journals' impact on practice studied