News in brief - Dec. 19, 2005
Boards get tougher on physician sex offenses
Disabled patients will get bariatric surgery coverage
Congress takes on growing meth problem
Florida doctors, patients sue over Medicaid rates
Medical school expands teaching of palliative care
Utah doctors could face more liability lawsuits
Korean stem cell lie stirs up ethical debate
News in brief - Dec. 19, 2005
Best-seller owner's manual illustrates body care
Tailoring a dress code
Simple steps for staff retirement plans
Some county societies offer staffing services
News in brief - Dec. 19, 2005
Leasing market growing for health care equipment
Employers look to shift health insurance costs
Expert witnesses need scrutiny
Letters to the Editor - Dec. 19, 2005
Moral compass guides soul of medicine
The positive side of negative news (AHA Scientific Sessions 2005)
Doctors seek new tools to aid in depression treatment
News in brief - Dec. 19, 2005
Continuity of care means better health outcome