Medicare pay freeze not yet final, but likely
Dollars for disaster readiness, bioterrorism tricky to spend
States target serious medical errors that never should happen
Congress boosts VA mental health care
Florida doctors wary of Medicaid overhaul
News in brief - Jan. 2/9, 2006
Financial trouble predicted for Medicare
Whom do people trust?
Rural areas say more J-1 visas needed
Ethical considerations found lacking in preparedness plans for bird flu outbreaks
News in brief - Jan. 2/9, 2006
Reality TV borrows ED doctor for whirlwind dating adventure
HIV reporting by name necessary, but confidentiality key
Florida Blues will push PPO option over HMO plan
Forward thinking
Joint ventures worth close examination
West Virginia looks at retainer model
News in brief - Jan. 2/9, 2006
UAW, Ford reach tentative agreement on health costs
Insurers must be specific about payment information
Letters to the Editor - Jan. 2/9, 2006
AMA ends the year on an upbeat, productive note
Pilot project begins work on a cancer genome atlas
Stepping up to the plate
Seniors fastest growing group of epileptics
News in brief - Jan. 2/9, 2006