News in brief - March 6, 2006
Medicare ban extended 6 months; new specialty hospitals blocked
Broader conscience clauses would expand physicians' right of refusal
Preparing for the worst
Oregon computer theft spurs patient privacy lawsuit
News in brief - March 6, 2006
Reservist sues after hospital calls in loan
Family medicine board makes changes in certification rules
Another state added to liability crisis list
End of an era
Call for stricter CME gift rules gets mixed reviews
News in brief - March 6, 2006
Less distractions equal safer handoffs
Alcohol screening fulfills important duty to patients
Generic push
Resale of medical equipment should be done carefully
Washington state bill offers safe harbor for retainer practices
Hospitals say they're fostering growth; feds call it antitrust
Health plans make more, spend less in 2005
Letters to the Editor - March 6, 2006
AMA's advocacy agenda
The state of the union — and of the nation's health
Is it really Alzheimer's? There are several differentials
Safety of ADHD drugs is questioned once again
News in brief - March 6, 2006
Osteoporosis risk real for female athletes
Studies to test best ways to check PKD