News in brief - May 22/29, 2006
News in brief - May 22/29, 2006
Medicare forecast of 4.7% pay cut renews calls for pay reform
AMA opt-out program will keep prescribing data from drug reps
House panel debates pros, cons of state “Wal-Mart” bills
CMS urges limits on Part D drug changes
Court considers South Dakota law on abortion consent
The quality quandary
FSMB data show modest dip in disciplinary actions
Federal court lets Texas peer review ruling stand
News in brief - May 22/29, 2006
Sorting out withholding
If an ancillary line is failing, find out why
Doctors are going digital
Hospitals weigh in on “pricing transparency”
Microsoft leads formation of bioinformatics group
Letters to the Editor - May 22/29, 2006
Medicine's democracy in action
Plan would add to pool of potential donors
Problems of vitamin D deficiency are becoming more evident
News in brief - May 22/29, 2006
Experts urge treatment for diabetic pregnant women