News in brief - Oct. 2, 2006
Physicians get Senate's ear on plan mergers
DEA to let doctors write advance prescriptions for schedule II refills
Medicare payment — past, present, future
HHS chief
Texas physicians challenge new chiropractic rules
Kentucky surgeons save Sundays for charity care
Lawsuit challenges state licenses for expert witnesses
Liability on their minds
Study finds widespread resident work-hour violations
Group calls physician punishment too light
News in brief - Oct. 2, 2006
Office-based sales hinge on the patient's best interests
Bonus pointers
Doctor shows how to make “reel” money
Build foundation for new practice model
Hospital executives take home bigger paychecks in 2006
News in brief - Oct. 2, 2006
Safeguards needed for doctor ID numbers
Letters to the Editor - Oct. 2, 2006
The principle of values
Avoiding a kidney calamity
Researchers seek to apply cancer gene advances
CDC chief poses framework for resolving future issues
News in brief - Oct. 2, 2006