News in brief - Dec. 18, 2006
Medicare touts audit plan's success as doctors decry “bounty hunters”
Electronic records push
New York health plan merger sparks fears of insurer monopoly
Court to rule on dying patients' access to experimental drugs
News in brief - Dec. 18, 2006
Medicare begins posting physician price information online
Court looks at consent in emergencies
Move to increase minorities in medicine focuses on undergrads
Evidence of autopsy done in 1600s discovered
Drawing an ethical line
News in brief - Dec. 18, 2006
New York doctors, hospitals see a onetime critic become an ally
Surviving the squeeze
Holiday cash bonuses must be reported for tax purposes
Group calls on hospitals to waive payments for “never events”
Hospital standards worth your attention
Letters to the Editor - Dec. 18, 2006
The House of Medicine has been abundantly blessed
How to treat a sick office
News in brief - Dec. 18, 2006
Restless legs syndrome patients may need drug rotation
Connection between SSRIs, suicide coming under review