News in brief - Jan. 22, 2007
Feds say Medicare pay freeze could double the cut for doctors next year
Will SSRI suicide fear curtail appropriate use?
Arkansas cardiologists accuse hospital of collusion
New York, Ohio adopt limited mental health parity coverage
Part D off to better start this year, but some problems remain
Courts split on arbitrating pay disputes
J-1 waivers on the decline
Fatal errors more likely on 24-hour call
Boards sponsor certification in end-of-life care
Effort cuts down catheter-related infections
News in brief - Jan. 22, 2007
Talk to my agent
Focus on process in 401(k) investment policy statement
Increased use of portable nerve test spurs questions from insurers
Companies take on unmet need for online appointment booking
News in brief - Jan. 22, 2007
Kaiser's EMR efforts go on, without critic
Medicare crisis avoided, but hard work ahead
Letters to the Editor - Jan. 22, 2007
Starting the new year with our priorities set realistically
Health disparities
News in brief - Jan. 22, 2007
C-reactive protein fails to predict rheumatoid arthritis
Childhood asthma still high; individual plans seen as key
Asking patients could provide quality answers