News in brief - July 2, 2007
Urbanizing counties sue to win physicians better Medicare pay
RADAR explores adverse drug event detection
Updating digital discovery
Medical trends behind jump in Medicare physician spending
Lawmakers focus on federal role in promoting health IT systems
States expand children's access to health care
News in brief - July 2, 2007
Quality movement is “here to stay”
California radiologist group sues UnitedHealthcare over payment rates
Doctors and patients may not always agree
Blog at your own risk
Negotiating the finer points of mediation, arbitration
News in brief - July 2, 2007
Harvard Pilgrim's CEO uses blog to get advice on rate increases
Getting aboard SCHIP
Letters to the Editor - July 2, 2007
Disease of the moment
Look for link to mental illness, abuse in choosing migraine care
Guides for high-risk drugs undergoing FDA scrutiny
News in brief - July 2, 2007