Complaints force suspension of marketing for some Medicare plans
Safety and quality suffer under strained systems, says survey of doctor executives
Bush rejects second stem cell bill; veto override is unlikely
News in brief - July 9, 2007
Bills aiming to alleviate physician shortages
HHS gives lower estimate of uninsured children eligible for SCHIP
Confronting eugenics
Court dismisses case against holdouts in class-xsaction suit
EMRs don't guarantee quality
New school wants to give 1st class free ride
MRSA infection rate higher than earlier thought
Medicaid seeks to cut contribution to GME funding
News in brief - July 9, 2007
Public Citizen issues annual medical board rankings
Online prescribing case raises jurisdiction issue
Can you go home again? How to practice medicine where you grew up
Rule changes for referral documentation create confusion
Proposed IRS form revision irking nonprofit hospitals
Satisfaction with hospitals up slightly
MinuteClinic seeks waivers of Massachusetts public health rules
News in brief - July 9, 2007
Letters to the Editor - July 9, 2007
A new tool against childhood obesity
Both statistics and manner matter to patients
Autism claims on thimerosal reach special “vaccine court”
News in brief - July 9, 2007
A “silent” cancer speaks with 4 symptoms
Expert panel gives very heavy children a new label — obese