News in brief - Aug. 13, 2007
P4P demo pays off for Medicare, but not for most doctors involved
Grand jury clears Dr. Pou; medicine wants to protect future disaster responders
EMRs don't guarantee quality care, a review of 50,000 patient records shows
House panel advances SCHIP reauthorization bill
Former CMS chief launches “do tank” focused on health care
House passes $472 billion federal health spending bill
Pharmacy benefit managers push Medicare e-prescribing
What made them sick (book excerpt
Physicians sue Missouri over midwifery law
Robots shorten patient stays
Medical errors significant source of stress for doctors
News in brief - Aug. 13, 2007
Internet won't protect your secret identity
Flex appeal
Big employers' initiative on personal health records stumbles
Kaiser fined for poor oversight
New Jersey fines Aetna for fee schedule, orders more pay for doctors
News in brief - Aug. 13, 2007
Letters to the Editor - Aug. 13, 2007
Veterinarians and physicians
Probiotic use may reduce diarrhea risk
DSM-V expected to explore physical, mental health links
News in brief - Aug. 13, 2007
Effort aims to enhance teamwork to improve human, animal health
XDR-TB straining world's health budgets; emphasis turning to containment
Dietary counseling works best when repeated