News in brief - Sept. 3, 2007
Medicaid Rx must be on tamper-resistant pads
Campaign targets TV's skewed view of organ donation
Slow connection
Medicare D premiums up for 2008, but lower than expected
News in brief - Sept. 3, 2007
Doctors stump for the uninsured
States let adult kids stay on parents' insurance
Utah doctor can pursue libel case against state over fraud claims
Drug rep creates stir with details on tricks of his trade
CME dollars still flowing
News in brief - Sept. 3, 2007
Court OKs collaboration on CPT codes
North Carolina changes medical board nomination process
Prenatal care weighs needs of 2 patients
Tech's next big thing
Balance billing a no-no in most cases
Where patients go after retail clinics
News in brief - Sept. 3, 2007
Doctor builds career in urban redevelopment
Federal prompt-pay law
Letters to the Editor - Sept. 3, 2007
AMA joins the battle with a campaign for the uninsured
Dr. Pap's smear
Flip-flops causing slips and trips — and serious injuries
Aspirin resistance found to raise risk for heart attack, strokes
Antioxidants nixed again in healthy heart quest