News in brief - Jan. 28, 2008
News in brief - Jan. 28, 2008
Health spending outlay tops $2 trillion, but spending growth on doctors declines
Insurers' online forums invite patients to vent
Many physicians will still be hit by AMT
CMS denials of state Medicaid expansions fuel confusion
News in brief - Jan. 28, 2008
Willing, but waiting
Who stays in-state after training?
Economists' study says paying for organs would cut wait lists
Doctors use placebos but don't tell patients
Study ties hospitalist care to shorter patient stays
Private plans, public money
Analyze payer mix before deciding how to change it
Massachusetts sets new rules for health clinics in retail stores
Rural practice
The health literacy deficit
Letters to the Editor - Jan. 28, 2008
Some autism cases linked to genetic mutation
Rapid MRSA test gets FDA OK
News in brief - Jan. 28, 2008
FDA issues MedWatch alert on pain risks of bisphosphonates