News in brief - Feb. 4, 2008
Senate Finance panel developing 18-month Medicare pay package
Study's solution to no-shows
AMA takes uninsured campaign nationwide
Court gives temporary OK to San Francisco “pay or play” law
News in brief - Feb. 4, 2008
Georgia exempts general surgery centers from CON rules
Court allows suit against doctor over drug effects
HHS shuts down Michigan patient safety study
News in brief - Feb. 4, 2008
ED wait times increasing, even for AMIs, other emergent cases
Research in hospice possible, even helpful
Is Txting 4 U? Doctors let fingers to the talking
Take care when firing a patient
Aetna to stop paying for anesthesiologists during colonoscopies
Letters to the Editor - Feb. 4, 2008
Stronger action needed against tobacco
Vaccines get a boost
FDA warns against OTC cold meds for kids younger than 2
News in brief - Feb. 4, 2008
Promising trial on statin add-in falls flat; studies continue
ACLU stresses public health's role in pandemics