News in brief - April 7, 2008
News in brief - April 7, 2008
Medicare pay bill
FDA pledges better communication on drug safety
Florida Supreme Court lifts past peer review confidentiality
Employer mandates hit legal snag, states continue to search for options
Uniform IT definitions proposed to promote understanding
Massachusetts hikes premiums for state-subsidized health plans by 10%
Missouri Supreme Court
Resident Match breaks records for applicants and couples
News in brief - April 7, 2008
Ask questions before working at retail clinics
Selling the bitter EMR pill (HIMSS meeting)
Review medical office lease before signing
Aetna launches personalized health search engine
United panned in survey of hospital execs
Keeping an eye on United
Letters to the Editor - April 7, 2008
Consider e-prescribing as one step in climb to health IT
Sweetener scrutiny
Vaccine court's ruling adds to confusion over autism link
News in brief - April 7, 2008
Ibuprofen may lessen benefit of daily aspirin