Baby boomer time bomb
Lawyers' misconduct triggers new liability trials
MedPAC advises raising primary care pay
Practice trends influencing charity care
State-by-state analysis ties lack of insurance to earlier death
AMA urges more safeguards in federal patient safety rules
News in brief - May 5, 2008
Public pleas for organs fuel ethical qualms
Physicians examine the role of annual checkups in prevention
Part-time doctors
Texas court finds board exceeded its authority and podiatrists' scope
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Ambiguously ill pose challenge for doctors
EMR success stories
Use your practice contract to ease into retirement
Colorado moves to regulate tiered networks
News in brief - May 5, 2008
Letters to the Editor - May 5, 2008
Ohio lifts the veil on insurer contracts
Convenient care clinics merit a closer look by physicians
Starving for perfection
Hip, knee replacement surgery rates skyrocket over 7 years
Quest for new antibiotics leads to novel sources
Food safety falls short of national goals
News in brief - May 5, 2008