News in brief - May 19, 2008
News in brief - May 19, 2008
After 13 years, Congress OKs genetic bias ban
Health plans say they'll risk losing members to protect profit margins
EMR deadline does not compute
News in brief - May 19, 2008
Medicare health plan pay headed up
Heart surgeon pioneer wins highest civilian honor
AMA to help monitor Blues settlement
Hospitalized kids found at risk for drug errors
Texas court finds board exceeded its authority and podiatrists' scope
Relative risk
Ohio hospital pays patients for bills from competing facilities
News in brief - May 19, 2008
Improvements on patient safety rules
Letters to the Editor - May 19, 2008
Addressing the epidemic of video game overuse
Seeking the best path (American College of Cardiology scientific session)
Address mental health needs of returning troops, study says