News in brief - July 28, 2008
News in brief - July 28, 2008
Medicare 10.6% pay cut reversed as Congress overrides Bush veto
Drug industry
House bill seeks to speed up adoption of health IT systems
Supreme Court tightens scope of False Claims Act
Despite tax debts, Medicare still pays
News in brief - July 28, 2008
Med school for judges
AMA apologizes for past inequality against black doctors
Massachusetts doctors challenge liability insurance analysis
Insurers are the new worried well (America's Health Insurance Plans annual meeting)
A lockbox service can protect your practice's cash
United settles lawsuits, warns of falling profits
News in brief - July 28, 2008
Taking action toward prevention of elder mistreatment
Letters to the Editor - July 28, 2008
Vaccine-autism link unsupported by science, but theory lives on
Lifestyle issues contribute to weight gain in teen girls
FDA requires black-box warnings for fluoroquinolones