News in brief – Aug. 25, 2008
News in brief – Aug. 25, 2008
Final Medicare no-pay rule targets 10 hospital-acquired conditions
Tons of donated medical texts sent to war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq
Medicare buoyed by demo success after audits collect $700 million
House Democrats silence Medicare alarm, but long-term funding still unresolved
News in brief – Aug. 25, 2008
Unexpected connections (book excerpt
Most states said to have good rules on pain medicines
Academic leaders work to ease work force crisis
Who's behind the card? Plans sometimes administer, rather than insure
Office manager is struggling; now what?
Biggest challenges facing groups
News in brief – Aug. 25, 2008
Medical schools, research groups to offer content for new online resource
Vigilance key in fighting foodborne illness
Letters to the Editor – Aug. 25, 2008
Survey captures snapshot of nation's health
Stepped-up efforts aim to thwart cheating on drug tests
Suicide hotline lets veterans — and families — dial for help