News in brief - March 2, 2009
Has tech's time arrived? (Towards the Electronic Patient Record conference)
United sets new basis for fee schedule
Vacancy rates rising for medical office buildings
Cigna develops cost-of-care estimator
Surgical markers aim to reduce margin of error
Commentary about the stimulus plan and health care
News in brief - March 2, 2009
Struggles seen for Medicare care coordination
Maryland program covering more uninsured, despite slow start
News in brief - March 2, 2009
The script for getting fit: Help your patients move off the couch
Ocean may hold clues to antibiotic resistance
Women at heightened risk for stroke death
News in brief - March 2, 2009
Treating the homeless can go beyond medical care
ACP urges doctors and NPs to work together
Calif. court denies extra MCAT time for students with learning disabilities
Most IRB rules don't ban finder's fees for clinical trials
Recession, Medicare cuts not enough to stop skyrocketing health spending growth
Landmark ruling finds no link between vaccine and autism