News in brief - March 9, 2009
Obama budget sets stage for reform of health care system, Medicare pay
Scope of practice expansions fuel legal battles
Medicare tries to push doctor enrollment online
Some say stimulus boosts government role in health decisions
News in brief - March 9, 2009
MedPAC report calls for 1.1% doctor pay raise in 2010
Doctors override most e-Rx safety alerts
Fed court upholds New York City's calorie-posting rule
Wash. completes final rules on physician-assisted suicide
Mailing reminders boosts colon cancer screening
Emergency doctors join push for better EMS helicopter safety
Doctor wants to share trials of liability suits with peers
Mass. bill aims to reverse court expansion of physician liability
When patients declare bankruptcy: What happens to your unpaid bills?
Most metro areas dominated by 1 or 2 health insurers
Medical wiki blends social networking with research
News in brief - March 9, 2009
R.I. says Blues can't raise individual health premiums
Letters to the Editor - March 9, 2009
A win for physician data privacy
Reflecting on successes and looking to future challenges
The long goodbye: The challenge of discontinuing antidepressants
Flu shot strongly recommended for children, teens
Groups collaborate with guidance on A1c levels
Vessel disease in the eyes could signal heart disease, too
News in brief - March 9, 2009