News in brief - March 23, 2009
News in brief - March 23, 2009
Shopping list: paper towels, diapers, EMR, milk
Doctors increasingly close doors to drug reps, while pharma cuts ranks
Ending abortion conscience rule?
2009 budget boosts research, health access
White coats in the White House: Former presidential physicians reflect on their service
Bills seek to regulate in vitro fertilization
Doctor faces assisted-suicide charge in Georgia
Challenging your rating: You don't have to accept what the health plan says
Texting can increase office efficiency, bottom line
News in brief - March 23, 2009
Growth spurt in spending on disease-management technology
Letters to the Editor - March 23, 2009
Getting physicians what they're owed: the aftermath of the Ingenix settlement
The challenge and opportunity for health system reform
Honing in on varied causes of urinary incontinence
Treating metabolic disorders may aid neurologic health
News in brief - March 23, 2009