News in brief - March 30, 2009
Red flag rules on identity theft take effect soon
Interactive kiosks expanding beyond patient check-ins
Seasonal slump shutters 89 MinuteClinic locations
Waning confidence in the health insurance status quo
N.D. Blues gives its top exec the boot
What editorial writers are saying about stem cell research
News in brief - March 30, 2009
With success comes scrutiny: ASCs face legal obstacles
San Francisco employer mandate may end up in U.S. Supreme Court
Congress revisits plans to approve generic biologics
News in brief - March 30, 2009
Simpler drug packaging doesn't increase patient compliance
Forget the gimmicks when it comes to dieting
CDC warns of variances in influenza strains
News in brief - March 30, 2009
A miscarriage of medicine (book excerpt: Three Generations, No Imbeciles)
Surgeon tells how his team removed 6 organs during cancer operation
Med school seniors headed for primary care see a challenging future
Discussing death with patients can cut costs, ease abandonment fears
Organized medicine pushes Congress for clean slate on Medicare payment formula
New findings add to complexity of asthma treatment: coverage from AAAAI clinical meeting