News in brief - Nov. 2, 2009
News in brief - Nov. 2, 2009
H1N1 vaccine shortage leaves doctors managing crowds, anxieties
Failed Senate vote clouds future of SGR reform
Health reform
Health reform bills light on medical liability reform
Higher hospital spending linked to better outcomes
Litigation stress
Disciplinary records relevant in liability case
Smoking bans cut overall heart disease risk
Letters to the Editor - Nov. 2, 2009
Where to turn for H1N1 information
AMA's 7 guiding principles for health system reform
Need a practice management system? Here's what to look for
Review what expanded ADA means for your practice
AMA's flu site 1st to link to care after rating symptoms
Health care layoffs already exceed last year's totals
Health plans owned by doctors, hospitals are disappearing
News in brief - Nov. 2, 2009