News in brief - June 28, 2010
Congress raises Medicare doctor pay by 2.2% through November
AMA meeting: Hand-washing trumps dress codes in preventing infections
AMA meeting: Penalize Medicare contractors for pay delays
AMA meeting: Physicians should not fall under “red flags” rule, FTC chair says
AMA meeting: Physicians feeling Medicare pay pinch before 6-month fix stalled in Congress
Hospital lawsuit against RAC goes before district court
Physician-owned hospitals: Endangered species?
Make Medicare GME formula more accountable, MedPAC says
Lower Medicare cancer pay linked to higher utilization
HHS-certified EMR systems expected to be available by fall
Safety records of surgery centers found lacking
Patient safety, medical liability focus of government grants
Child abuse requires specialized treatment, reporting
News in brief - June 28, 2010
AMA meeting: Health plans process 1 in 5 claims incorrectly
AMA meeting: E-cigarettes need FDA regulation, limits on sales
AMA meeting: Fight obesity by adopting nutritional rating system
AMA meeting: Patents should not be issued for human genes
AMA meeting: Health risk information needed for Gulf oil spill
AMA meeting: Cecil B. Wilson, MD, installed as new AMA president
AMA meeting: Delegates want disease experts on government panels
AMA meeting: Delegates seek pay for care delivered via telemedicine
AMA meeting: More physicians needed to counter work force shortages
AMA meeting: Hospitals may be trying to recoup settlement money
AMA meeting: Doctors' online conduct addressed at CEJA forum
United settlement: Helping doctors get their fair share
A prescription for America's health care system
Managing office stress with laughter
Rental brokers one option for help finding office space
No-show rates lowest when patients called by human being
News in brief - June 28, 2010