News in brief - April 11, 2011
How to keep office romances from hurting your practice
Appealing denied claims seems to work, GAO report says
AMA launches coding app designed for doctors
Justice Dept. expands probe of Blues' contracting
What editorial writers are saying about health reform's one-year anniversary
News in brief - April 11, 2011
Bill seeks outside review of relative values in Medicare services
House panel votes to end insurance exchange and school health center funding
GOP blasts early coverage under health reform
Senators seek May deadline for HHS fraud-fighting reports
News in brief - April 11, 2011
“Bath salts” stimulants prompt state bans
Some autism treatments high on promises, low on proof
News in brief - April 11, 2011
Financial ties to industry widespread on clinical guideline panels
Judge tosses lawsuit seeking to bar physician rating program
Drug rep data are useful prescribing tools, doctors say