News in brief - May 9, 2011
Denial-management programs get claims paid
Contracts should spell out everyone's role in an ACO
CEOs of top health plans rake in up to $20 million
Payment for on-call coverage becoming more common
What editorial writers are saying about plans to reduce the federal deficit
News in brief - May 9, 2011
Beware Physician Compare: Medicare site inaccurate, say wronged practices
GOP urges Obama to repeal — not expand — Medicare pay board
Physicians with many Medicaid patients are likely to treat more in 2014
2 more senators introduce bills to publish Medicare claims data
News in brief - May 9, 2011
Half of U.S. states have comprehensive smoke-free laws
Major children's study enrolling participants
News in brief - May 9, 2011
Preparation essential when handling ethical conflicts on the playing field
States eye public access to more doctor disciplinary records
Quality of health news reporting found lacking