News in brief - June 13, 2011
FDA signals it will regulate medical apps
Leasing practice to hospital can be a viable business plan
Apps let patients view insurance on smartphones
Medical supply firms report big sales to physician offices
Upgrading e-prescribing system can bump up error risk
Family physician bases rehydration drink on intravenous saline
Letters to the Editor - June 13, 2011
A necessary dose of e-prescribing flexibility
News in brief - June 13, 2011
Medicare ACO plan still needs work, AMA says
IOM report targets accuracy of Medicare regional payments
Medicaid pay cut fight finds Justice Dept. at odds with doctors
Medicaid to reduce hospital pay for preventable conditions
News in brief - June 13, 2011
New depression screening tool gauges progress
News in brief - June 13, 2011
Quantifying adverse drug events: Med mishaps send millions back for care
First addiction medicine residencies to begin in July
End-of-life care: How you can help stressed surrogates
Many physicians routinely witness disruptive behavior in colleagues
New law lets rural Texas hospitals employ doctors