News in brief - July 4, 2011
McKinsey claims health reform report isn't “predictive”
Doctors and pharmacists unite to improve outcomes
Some insurers doubt medical spending will bounce back
Lactation frustration the mother of invention
Gift of healing requires knowledge, empathy, integrity
Letters to the Editor - July 4, 2011
Demographic data: Reducing disparities starts with a question
News in brief - July 4, 2011
Justices rule for drugmakers in 2 high-profile cases
Health spending tied to debt ceiling talks
GOP doctors stand behind Medicare privatization plan
News in brief - July 4, 2011
Graphic warning labels latest bid to curb smoking habits
News in brief - July 4, 2011
AMA delegates reaffirm key reform policy but target parts of law for change
Insurers mishandle 1 in 5 claims, AMA finds
HIV in primary care: Treating an aging epidemic
West Virginia high court upholds economic damages cap
Reports to FDA drug ad watchdog triple
AMA delegates vote to keep conflicts out of CME
AMA delegates call for price parity in fast-food options
AMA house endorses national ban on “bath salts” synthetic drug
AMA supports tighter restrictions on products containing BPA
AMA backs challenge of “don't ask” gun law
AMA house seeks repeal of OTC drug-spending rule
Making transition to combat zone can be surreal, AMA delegates learn
AMA toughens stance on retail health clinics
AMA to draft model legislation on information exchanges
New AMA policies target certification and licensure
AMA selects president-elect, board members
Delegates ask AMA council how to just say no to patients
Ethics essential in writing practice guidelines, AMA house decides