News in brief - July 18, 2011
Staying in private practice offers its own rewards
Older doctors embracing tablets faster than younger counterparts
Google to shut down PHR platform for lack of interest
Patient-centered care found to reduce medical costs
Change is opportunity as we face an array of challenges
Letters to the Editor - July 18, 2011
Fight against obesity should start early in life
News in brief - July 18, 2011
Medicare proposes a 50% cut for some imaging fees in 2012
Quest for SGR reform: Avoiding the eleventh-hour drama
Medicaid primary care spending linked to fewer hospitalizations
More states face legal battles over abortion laws
News in brief - July 18, 2011
Schedule mammograms based on individual risks, study says
News in brief - July 18, 2011
In season of storms, physicians rise to occasion
When doctors and patients have the same disease
Wrong-site surgeries risk reduced during pilot project
California Hospital Assn. seeks to bar infection-reporting law