News in brief - Aug. 1, 2011
Direct Project gives doctors secure access to data exchange
Pace of mergers, acquisitions revs up for physician practices
Rebuff patient Facebook friend overtures, British Medical Assn. advises
WellPoint steers patients toward ED visit alternatives
WellPoint reaches tentative accord in data breach suit
Simple things that make a difference to patient safety
Letters to the Editor - Aug. 1, 2011
Poor report cards tell insurers to do their homework
News in brief - Aug. 1, 2011
IOM list of preventive services expected to boost women's health
Direct primary care model: Cutting out the insurer
Judge set to rule on Arizona's freeze of Medicaid enrollment
Medicare spends 50% less on Part D drugs than initially estimated
News in brief - Aug. 1, 2011
ACOG calls for annual mammograms for women starting at age 40
News in brief - Aug. 1, 2011
Mounting drug shortages delaying treatment
Expert witnesses on trial
Call for civility aims to stop disruptive behavior in the OR
Brain-damaged girl's parents can sue hospital and doctor, Florida court rules