News in brief - Aug. 29, 2011
7 things to consider when choosing mobile devices
Mayo, Cleveland clinics seek affiliations with doctors nationwide
How states will shape health reform
Drugmakers must allow visitor comments on Facebook pages
N.C. doctor's portable medical centers not just for disaster response
What editorial writers are saying about the individual mandate ruling
News in brief - Aug. 29, 2011
Nearly all physicians must revalidate Medicare enrollment by 2013
Proposed rule requires insurers to explain costs and benefits
Arizona judge OKs Medicaid freeze for childless adults
Medicaid fetches higher drug rebates than Medicare
News in brief - Aug. 29, 2011
Menthol smokers find it harder to kick the habit
News in brief - Aug. 29, 2011
Hospital can be sued in man's alleged attack on another patient
Most doctors face lawsuits, but few lose them
Criminal convictions and discipline of Illinois doctors returning online