News in brief - Dec. 12, 2011
Using time as currency can help practices care for the uninsured
Practices get more time to switch to HIPAA 5010
Fewer Americans get health insurance through job
California doctor's invention prevents falls from changing tables
Chair's midterm review: Change brings opportunities
Letters to the Editor - Dec. 12, 2011
Comprehensive approach needed to end drug shortages
News in brief - Dec. 12, 2011
Early EMR adopters get a break; tougher criteria delayed to 2014
Interest building for drug shortage solution
Insurance broker fees must be counted as overhead, HHS says
Physicians in California sue over new Medicaid pay cuts
GOP senators chide Medicare over enrolled felons
News in brief - Dec. 12, 2011
Only 28% of HIV patients have condition under control
News in brief - Dec. 12, 2011
Holiday gifts from patients: When do they spell trouble?
Doctors' legal remedies can defeat online attacks
Proposal on access to lab tests should be revised, doctors say
Most physicians succeed in substance abuse programs, study says