News in brief - Jan. 2, 2012
More consumers choosing high-deductible plans
Physicians see chance for riches in concierge medicine, but few follow through
ACO consultants eager to help -- but do you need one?
Arizona doctor comes up with a hands-free way to keep cool during workouts
Congress misses another chance to fix Medicare SGR
Letters to the Editor - Jan. 2, 2012
Anti-tobacco funding gone up in smoke
News in brief - Jan. 2, 2012
Health reform after 2014: Not-so-universal coverage
Appeals court to rehear South Dakota law promoting abortion-suicide link
Texas Medicaid managed care expansion approved
News in brief - Jan. 2, 2012
Unmet social needs worsen health
News in brief - Jan. 2, 2012
Doctors have to manage smartphone distractions
Disaster medicine dilemmas examined
Company withdraws contracts controlling online comments by patients
High percentage of elderly patients screened for cancer