News in brief - Jan. 9, 2012
“Side-by-side” alliances may add financial stability to practices
Brighter access outlook tied to young adult coverage expansion
5 simple ways to cut medical practice costs
Large companies try domestic medical tourism
Pennsylvania insurer and health system agree on patient access
Private insurers forming their own health insurance exchanges
A look back at the big stories of 2011
News in brief - Jan. 9, 2012
South Carolina makes questionable bid for private health insurance exchange
Ban on “bath salts,” synthetic marijuana delayed in Senate
Problems finding new Medicare primary care doctors small but growing
News in brief - Jan. 9, 2012
Vitamin D's impact on cancer and heart health needs more research
News in brief - Jan. 9, 2012
Safety research found lacking for outpatient visits
Hospitals alerted to fatigue's dangers
Comprehensive evaluations of newly adopted children crucial
Medical specialties to develop list of unnecessary procedures