News in brief - Feb. 20, 2012
Why some practices stopped accepting patients' cash
Plans report healthy profits despite new cost demands
Patients expected to use smartphones for health monitoring
Cardiologist revives North Carolina diving shop
In turbulent times, AMA projects physicians' united voice
Letters to the Editor - Feb. 20, 2012
Looking beyond the hospital for patient safety
News in brief - Feb. 20, 2012
Obama budget proposal sidesteps Medicare mandatory spending cuts
New electronic billing standards causing payment woes
Washington state to restrict emergency Medicaid payments
Georgia high court strikes down assisted suicide law
News in brief - Feb. 20, 2012
Declining autopsy rates affect medicine and public health
News in brief - Feb. 20, 2012
Fear of punitive response to hospital errors lingers
Weighing alternative remedies
Doctors win redress in online defamation suits
Study: Doctors often lecture noncompliant patients too much