News in brief - March 5, 2012
Patients recognize quality and security benefits of EMRs
Physicians shouldn't assume outside work is OK with employer
Trends in physician office visits shift as money worries affect behavior
Physicians and hospitals must make websites more patient-friendly, study says
AMA physicians gather not just to listen, but to act
Letters to the Editor - March 5, 2012
Strike the right balance on essential health benefits
News in brief - March 5, 2012
First look at the next stage of meaningful use
Who are the chronically costly? Health care's 1%
Supreme Court keeps California Medicaid pay cut lawsuit alive
News in brief - March 5, 2012
Pertussis immunization urged for seniors
News in brief - March 5, 2012
Hospitals try new tack: Refer injured patients to attorneys
Legal risks of going paperless
Advanced medical home elements didn't lead to better outcomes
ABMS establishes time limits for attaining board certification