News in brief - April 2, 2012
7 missed opportunities of not creating an online presence
Hospital mergers, acquisitions expected to maintain quick pace
Employers signal near-term cuts to employees' health benefits
Steep fine sends message on patient data protection
Relationships build organized medicine's strength
Letters to the Editor - April 2, 2012
Physician data: mysteries that can be solved
News in brief - April 2, 2012
Health system reform: Abstract debate inside Supreme Court as protest signs dominate outside
House passes IPAB repeal, medical liability reform bill
House Republican budget seeks to slow Medicare, slash Medicaid
News in brief - April 2, 2012
Genome sequencing to add new twist to doctor-patient talks
Healthy physicians make better role models, research shows
News in brief - April 2, 2012
Criminal background checks provide patchwork protection against rogue doctors
Only 10 states post hospital data on surgical site infections
Louisiana high court upholds medical liability damages cap