News in brief - April 30, 2012
3 steps to EHR training for new staff members
Contracts can make hospital employment less secure than doctors think
Prices for doctor services lag behind inflation
Patients want to use social media tools to manage health care
Many young doctors worried about future of medicine
Senior physicians keep working, putting off the R-word
Letters to the Editor - April 30, 2012
A gathering storm of federal regulations
News in brief - April 30, 2012
Physicians fight “unworkable” Medicare overpayment rule
Dire Medicare outlook assumes deep physician pay cuts
Lawmakers seek faster approval process for shortage drugs
Supreme Court: Generic drugmaker may sue over brand patent
News in brief - April 30, 2012
Physical activity could reduce Alzheimer's risk, study finds
News in brief - April 30, 2012
Doctors can risk lawsuits when writing about patients
Innovative ways to slash ED overuse
Stressed physicians reluctant to seek support
Wisconsin doctors get support to help patients complete advance directives