News in brief - July 2, 2012
How physicians should choose a health information exchange
ACO growth driven fastest by physicians
Sharp increase expected in number of nurse practitioners
Patients open to care options that don't involve physicians
AMA can win the race to a better health care system
Letters to the Editor - July 2, 2012
Doctors, decisions and dollars: Why stewardship matters
News in brief - July 2, 2012
Congress OKs plan to combat drug shortages
Are ACOs the answer for Medicaid?
HHS establishes medical disaster response centers
News in brief - July 2, 2012
Doctors asked to consider loneliness in senior health assessment
News in brief - July 2, 2012
Don't make licensure dependent on board certification, AMA says
Shift to medical home may not increase patient satisfaction
CDC: Less than half of Americans get key heart attack and stroke prevention services
Expert witness need not have same specialty as doctor defendant
Doctors advised to consider costs in care choices
Taxes on sugary beverages could fund obesity prevention
CEO spells out AMA's strategic direction at Annual Meeting
Support given to mammography access for women older than 40
Greater range of Medicaid finance options wins support
Medicare financing options to be revisited in November
Medical claims payment error rate cut in half
Delegates oppose giving pharmacists authority to prescribe drugs
Compensation for clerkship positions opposed
Telemedicine can pose ethical problems, delegates warn
Delegates back mandatory drug shortage notification system
Helmets sought for wider range of sports and other activities
AMA calls for pharmacies to offer interpreter services