News in brief - July 23, 2012
How to communicate well with a patient while working on an EHR
Hospitals behind physician recruiting for not-so-solo practices
3 steps to quality pay for physicians
Health plans preparing new insurance coverage summaries
Cloud computing expected to grow rapidly in health care
CMS grant designed to boost patient-physician shared decision-making
The complex and deadly world of eating disorders
News in brief - July 23, 2012
Report dispels conventional wisdom on what drives Medicaid ED use
Physicians push Congress for improved Medicare data and performance measures
States eye leveraging health reform ruling to cut Medicaid eligibility
Court blocks local cigarette warning requirements
News in brief - July 23, 2012
FDA opioid safety plan focuses on physician education
News in brief - July 23, 2012
Ruling on contributory liability defense could expose physicians to more lawsuits
Aetna sued over out-of-network pay and referrals
Ban on pharma meals for physicians overturned