News in brief - July 30, 2012
New technology coming to boost preventive care
Sleep centers provide lessons for need to adapt in changing health system
Do EHRs result in better care? Many physicians say yes
Acquisition may be first wave of Medicaid managed care consolidations
AMA pushes for more useful explanations of physician performance data and methodology
A step forward for health care, thanks to Supreme Court
Letters to the Editor - July 30, 2012
Law gives needed attention to drug shortages
News in brief - July 30, 2012
Medicare pay: Budget sequester adds to annual payment rate woes
Lawmakers warned of demise of solo medical practices
Court rules pay-for-delay drug agreements are anti-competitive
News in brief - July 30, 2012
First pill to prevent HIV is only for some patients
News in brief - July 30, 2012
Doctors key players in NFL concussion litigation
Physician quality: What's age got to do with it?
New “weekend effect” seen in cardiac care
Olympic doctors say it's worth the sacrifices to make the team