News in brief - Sept. 24, 2012
EHR implementation: How common blunders can alienate your patients
Will health coverage cost trends blunt the rebound in physician office visits?
More cardiologists embrace working for hospitals
CDC health safety network promises more updated information
Confronting gun violence as a public health issue
News in brief - Sept. 24, 2012
Massive job losses expected under Medicare sequester
Drop in uninsured rate suggests mixed results for doctors
IOM: Physicians play key role in stopping health system waste
Patients have no constitutional rights to medical marijuana, state court rules
News in brief - Sept. 24, 2012
Stigmatizing obesity undercuts effectiveness of public health campaigns
News in brief - Sept. 24, 2012
Affirmative action: High court may rewrite med school admission policies
Many rural patients bypass local hospitals
Appeals court upholds often-cited medical liability damages cap
“Sesame Street” has Muppet doctor in the neighborhood