News in brief - Nov. 12, 2012
What doctors should ask insurers before joining ACOs or medical homes
Passwords make doctors vulnerable, but solutions are easy
Study identifies patients most willing to use personal health records
Medical practice acquisitions may see uptick after election
Let's take off our hats to the CPT Editorial Panel
Letters to the Editor - Nov. 12, 2012
Transparency or suspicion? A wrong turn for reports on financial ties in medicine
News in brief - Nov. 12, 2012
Medicare finalizes physician pay for new care coordination benefit
Decisions doctors must make to avoid Medicare penalties
Safety-net hospitals warn of ACA's uncompensated care crunch
Medicaid sets temporary payment increase for primary care
Seniors expected to pay more under Medicare premium-support model
News in brief - Nov. 12, 2012
How to create a positive practice environment (AAFP scientific assembly)
News in brief - Nov. 12, 2012
Few clinical guideline panels follow financial-conflict standards
Residency accreditation groups reach landmark agreement