News in brief - Jan. 7, 2013
Physicians tell how much time tablets save them
ACO readiness a longer road than expected
Bigger incentives expected for job-hunting physicians
As money worries persist, more people put off care
Physician-owned practices crack down on costs
Your health is important for you and your patients
Letters to the Editor - Jan. 7, 2013
Health care teams must be led by physicians
News in brief - Jan. 7, 2013
Medicare pay reprieve in place; next threat is 2% cut in March
New physician faces in Congress
Doctors say how ACA drug benefits can be strengthened
Organized medicine urges CMS to halt ICD-10 switch
News in brief - Jan. 7, 2013
Emergency preparedness losing ground due to budget cuts
News in brief - Jan. 7, 2013
Using mindfulness to soothe physician stress
Pairing checklists with teamwork improves patient outcomes