News in brief - Jan. 21, 2013
How physicians can get paid for care coordination
Physician EHRs emerge as hot advertising venue for drugs
Putting a price on the hassle of preauthorization
3 ways doctors can protect against social media fraud
Much must happen for team-based care to succeed
Letters to the Editor - Jan. 21, 2013
Help on avoiding opioid prescribing pitfalls
News in brief - Jan. 21, 2013
Medicare quality reporting penalty expected to strike most physicians
Political ads: Using Medicare to jab an opponent
Legal showdown over gay conversion therapy waged in 2 states
Doctors gain small foothold in CO-OP insurance before funding stops
News in brief - Jan. 21, 2013
U.S. found to be unhealthiest among 17 affluent countries
News in brief - Jan. 21, 2013
Surgical errors: In ORs, “never events” occur 80 times a week
Death certificates present final medical complication
New GME model strives to keep doctors in underserved areas