The Quality of Prescribing for the Elderly
Culture and Linguistics
Dual-System Use
Race/Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, and Satisfaction With Health Care
Variation in Pediatric Asthma Quality Improvement Programs by Managed Care Plans
The Postoperative Hemorrhage and Hematoma Patient Safety Indicator and Its Risk Factors
The Quality Challenge
Electronic Alerts to Prevent Venous Thromboembolism Among Hospitalized Patients
Can Computer-Generated Evidence-Based Care Suggestions Enhance Evidence-Based Management of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease? A Randomized, Controlled Trial
Role of Computerized Physician Order Entry Systems in Facilitating Medication Errors
From Adversary to Partner
The Unintended Consequences of Publicly Re-porting Quality Information
Use of Geocoding in Managed Care Settings to Identify Quality Disparities
Disparities and Quality Improvement
Continuing Medical Education