Overview of the University HealthSystem Consortium
Aligning Missions to Optimize Performance Through Teamwork, Leadership, and Culture Change
Developing a Code of Professional Conduct for All Staff
Designing the Structure and Processes to Provide Objective Individual Clinician Performance Data
Leaders Collaborating With Patients and Families to Transform the Culture and Business of Health Care
Proven Practices for Communicating Quality
Interpretive Services
One Institution's Quest to Sustain Its Quality Improvement Efforts
Second Victims
Implementing Cost-Benefit Tactics to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections
Making the Business Case for Safety
Medical Short-Stay Unit
Technology Advancing Care
Managing the Electronic Workflow
Using an Enterprise Data Repository to Improve Quality and Safety at the Bedside
Partners in Quality
Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program (CUSP)
Using Partnerships to Facilitate Effective Care Across the Continuum
Health Promotion Outreach System
Quality and Safety
Reduction of BSIs and Resistant Organism Infections
Who Is Sleeping in Our Beds
Implementation of a Screening Tool for Early Detection of Severe Sepsis and Effects on Relevant Outcomes